If God is asking you to do something and you are afraid, don’t give into the fear. Don’t let fear take away the blessing God has for you!!! Yesterday God pressed into my heart to visit someone I’ve known for a while but we aren’t close friends or anything like that. She has been struggling and mentioned on Facebook how depressed she has been with so much going on in her life. I actually gathered up a few of my Faithbox items that I haven’t used, a book I received in my box that I hadn’t read yet (Don’t give up) and a bath and body works gift card that I hadn’t used and on my lunch I walked up to her house to drop it off. All the while secretly hoping she wouldn’t be there so I could just drop the gift and leave. Although I knew that wasn’t what God wanted. When I reached her house she was there, but once there I felt at ease. I gave her a listening ear, tried to encourage her and before I left I did what I knew God wanted me to do all along Pray for her. So I prayed for her and we both shed tears I felt God’s presence so powerfully and I have since then. I did not expect anything in return but do you know what I received? I’ve felt God’s love and presence magnified since then. I did not let my fear take away my blessing! Whatever God is asking you to do, do not let fear take away the blessing God has for you ❤️

Posted by lacieporter at 2020-07-07 11:04:12 UTC