I just want to share how special I think it is that God times things so perfectly in your life. I’ve never read the entire Bible before and I felt convicted to do so by the Holy Spirit to do that this year....Every time I finish the chapter it’s like he almost just pops the next name of the next chapter I’m supposed to read in my head. And somewhere throughout the week or days after he circles back to that chapter here or through church or a Joyce Meyer podcast.... Last night after I finished a chapter he put James on my heart. I set my bookmark there and closed the book. Today was a day where they were many trials throughout my day and I guess in my old self without peace entirely stressed worn down negative.... there were plenty of elements that would normally lead down the wrong road of anger and bitterness, stress... and as I opened to this chapter tonight... before I read I prayed, about my day, and how greatfull I was that after my day of trials, the lord kept me resting in his peace... I then went to read, and verse two hit me. His timing to have me read this at this moment just meant so much. It resonated so perfectly. My heart is on fire for Christ. He is doing his work on my soul, I can feel his presence and it is such a beautiful feeling. ❤️🙏

Posted by sarahann at 2020-06-19 01:00:24 UTC