Hi! My name is Gianna. I am a singer- songwriter and esthetician from NJ. I am 19 and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and am in the middle of chemotherapy. I grew up in a Catholic Church never truly understanding my faith. During these last few months I had become so fearful. Battling cancer during a pandemic and having to go to doctor appointments, surgeries and chemo sessions alone all I wanted was something to believe it. I used to put my trust in the universe until I felt it didn’t make much sense to me anymore. I began praying to Jesus and in that moment felt so much peace. Mind you I was having several panic attacks a day before coming to Jesus but he has helped me so much and they have lessened more and more. Now I dive into the word everyday solely because it’s the least I can do for a man for died for me. Subscribing to Faithbox has also made me more excited to learn about God. Please keep me in your prayers🙏🏻

Posted by Gianna Marie at 2020-06-13 01:02:28 UTC