This is my first box and I am SO THRILLED. I have been praying, ever since purchased, that it’d just so happen be something that I really really needed. When I opened my box I honestly felt as if someone grabbed my shoulder and I instantly just broke down in tears. Recently, I had gotten out of a serious long term relationship and it has really taken a toll on me and the character I have built up for years over time. I felt bound in bitterness, frustration and loneliness. Yesterday morning I was scrolling through Facebook, which I never do (I don’t use social media much), and I seen a guy preaching. I had no clue what he was preaching on, but without hesitation my finger just pressed a button. I started listening because it had quickly become quite interesting and low and behold he bluntly stated, “this video is about my hurdle of — Loneliness.” Then, my box arrived only an HOUR after. With this being said, it really comes to no shock as to why I felt the hand rest on my shoulder and tears overcame me. I am so excited to begin this month! Loneliness just so happens to be my word of the month in general, and I believe I have had enough evidence of that. God is so, so good. And you guys did a wonderful job! It’s been awhile since I have felt this much joy!

Posted by wyattbreanna at 2020-05-05 13:54:18 UTC