Good Morning Faithbox Family .. to those in the East Coast and Midwest ... I hope everyone is doing well. As I watch the news and see people and states trying to get back to normal and see the disregard for not wearing masks not following distancing ... I am at a loss of how we are not grasping the seriousness this virus how it kills and has killed how others put their lives before themselves to save us, sounds familiar doesn’t it, isn’t THAT what Jesus did for us??? How the lack of respect of others not wearing a mask, are we that with out knowledge or are people really that selfish, uncaring? One of the best things that came out of this virus is we were made to STOP and be home connect with our loved ones , relearn the meaning of family, learn new ways of living , gardening , being creative and also working from home .... once being brought back out it’s back to our old ways again, sounds familiar again, sinning, backsliding not following what our leaders have said, what Jesus said what he has done. We become complacent in the world and our ways instead of being complacent in the LOVE of GOD receiving his strength and wisdom and following him knowing what ever Storm we are in WE are not alone WE are not to be panicked but find peace in knowing HE is there with us.

Posted by Andrea B. at 2020-05-05 10:51:38 UTC