Hello anyone have any ideas how to reconcile and rekindle back my relationship with my fiancé like in times like this I’d really wish that this wouldn’t happened since this uncertainty outside is going on but since February she has not talked to me and I just want God to soften her heart to at least unblock me so I can find a way for us to talk again to tell her to forgive me that she was right all along I was selfish I made mistakes I didn’t put her first and with that I’m really sorry. Like I’m praying that at least at least she would unblock me so I can at least know she is reading my messages and for her to talk again to me one day when she feels comfortable again to do so, but in the meantime don’t know how else to grab her attention cause she lives in New York and I live in New Jersey anyone has any ideas please?

Posted by matthew 19-26 at 2020-04-15 15:36:22 UTC