Good Afternoon! Well Our schools here have been out for 2 weeks and Florida was just told schools closed until May 2 Nd .. trying to get both grandkids set up online ... oh boy! lol .. we will get thru this together. Keep my sister Kym in your prayers her best friend’s daughter who is 20, had the CVID-19 my sister and her family were at their house 14 days ago and her friend said the dr seems think she must have been a carrier and then someone else gave it to her so my sister and her family fit in that time line my sister is worried because she visited my brother who has MS who lives with my 70 yr old parents and she found out late last night about Olivia . Keep my family in your prayers. Please please STAY HOME! Lesson learned w my sister ! It’s not worth risking your life and others.

Posted by Andrea B. at 2020-03-31 20:50:07 UTC