I D E N T I T Y I spent a chunk of time this morning reading and studying through John 7-9, and though it’s just 3 chapters it is SO RICH in content and application! The overarching theme is this: KNOW THYSELF! As in, know who you are. Know who God has called you to be. Know why it matters. All of that serves as the basis of your Identity. And your Identity is key to EVERYTHING you become and EVERYTHING you will do in this life. Of course, there will be detractors and circumstances that attempt to incite doubt and derail who you are. They say things like, “Who do you think you are? I know where you came from. What makes you think you’re different? What gives you the right?” And here’s the thing about attacks against your Identity: they’re relentless! While many will be for you, it’s the vocal minority that will question, slap labels and names upon you, and cause you to doubt. But if you know your Identity—that is, you know who you are, you know where you’re headed, and you know why—then you MUST NOT give in to external pressures or voices. You can’t succumb or compromise. Your destiny, and the destiny of those connected to you, depend on you standing firm in your Identity and NEVER shrinking back! ALWAYS remember who you are. Yes, remind yourself of where you came from, but don’t finish that sentence or thought without also reminding yourself of where you’re going. And above all else, recognize that your Identity was given by an Authority from above and no one or nothing can take that away from you! Others can give you a label, or even a name, but only He can give you an identity.

Posted by Ricky Ortiz at 2020-02-21 13:08:06 UTC