I have had a fresh pineapple setting on my counter for a few days as I waited for the color to be right and for it to smell like a pineapple. This morning it looked ready and so I did all the necessary chopping, cutting and trimming to uncover the perfect fruit. It is sweet and beautiful. As I was working on it, the thought came into my mind that this is what the Lord does with us. He watches us as we grow and when he sees that we need His help, he comes in and peels away the rough exterior, removes the hard heart (replacing it with a heart of flesh) and trims all the unwanted scraps from us until we are the disciple that he made us to be. Praise the Lord! (I wish I had taken a picture of the pineapple before I cut it.)

Posted by Susan Peterson at 2021-03-05 19:06:01 UTC