It seems that this month flew by!! I hope that the devotionals this month as well as our reading has inspired a new look at companionship - it did for me. I am very excited about friendships developing with those that I am meeting through Faithbox - had it not been for this virtual community we probably would have never met!! One of my favorite moments from the book was the last chapter on Rudy Kalis. It is not comfortable for me to reach out to others in the way that the person In the restaurant did to Rudy....I hope that I will have the courage to speak up and reach out to others in the future (this will also require me to listen and look beyond myself). I hope you will watch the video that @Susan Peterson posted on Rudy - what an incredible journey and use of his talents for God’s glory!! I hope you’ll share your take away from the month and/or our reading!!

Posted by Wende at 2021-02-27 16:37:18 UTC