As I read chapter 13 about Ryan Ries, I felt tears welling up in my eyes. No, I’d never gotten into the drug scene like Ryan did but a few years ago I got heavier and heavier into drinking and hiding it from my husband and friends. When I finally saw what was happening, I said to myself, I can quit - I can handle this! And did...for a while. But then I was drinking again and it got even worse. Finally I realized I couldn’t quit it on my own. And I started praying. I’m not too good at praying but this was fervent and I continued for a time, every day. Then I, too, realized that I had NO desire for alcohol. It had disappeared. And I KNEW that God had answered my prayers. Yesterday was exactly 2 years since I had quit and since then I’ve had not a drop of anything alcoholic in my mouth. Nor wanted any! Then when I read where Ryan quoted John 10:10, tears did fall because that was the verse a dear friend gave me when I was talking to her about my problem, and I put it on my mirror then. It’s still there! Praise God!

Posted by Susan Peterson at 2021-02-13 21:36:30 UTC