We are ready for our 1st webinar to chat about January’s book “better decisions, fewer regrets”! Date: Tuesday, January 19th at 11 am CST / Noon ET (scheduled for one hour) Be on the look out for the webinar invite for this zoom event!! Session topics: * What decision from your past are you most proud of? (Chapter 1) * Have you ever sold yourself on a really bad idea? What was your logic for proceeding with this decision? How did it work out for you? (Chapter 1) * What part of Joseph’s story stands out to you the most? (Chapter 3) * Prior to reading this book, did you connect that a response is a decision? How would remembering this make a difference? (Chapter 4) * If you had been in David’s position, how hard would it have been to let King Saul walk out of the cave knowing that his goal was to kill you? (Chapter 4) * Do you have a “plastic truth” you’ve embraced over time? How has that false premise resulted in a faulty decision? (Chapter2) * Since our decisions become part of our permanent story, if your story was a movie - what kind of movie would it be? (Chapter 1) * What is one decision you can make this week to change the trajectory of your story? Thanks so much for being a part of this community! Hope to see you on Tuesday!!

Posted by Wende at 2021-01-15 16:55:22 UTC