Happy Saturday all! hope you are enjoying the book, and the every day faith, day 9! I find that reading devotionals and books fills my soul with a yearning to know Christ more! I wanted to include this wisdom scripture in hopes of it blessing your day and keeping you focused on His word. I am choosing to be wise today in balancing what I need to get done and resting in Gods word since I am not 100% today. "our decisions determine the direction and quality in our lives" (pg. 8) Today my story tells of a mom who will get laundry done, do some hello bible with her daughter, rest while listening to a podcast, enjoy a good family meal and have some prayer time ❤ I choose today to rest & heal in Him. Feel free to share scripture, wisdom, or what you are up to today! praying you are blessed 😊

Posted by mend413 at 2021-01-09 16:00:35 UTC