This is my daughter Lilly. Absolutely a total knockout isn’t she? What are you don’t see is the pain that she walks around with every day on the inside. I wanted to post this story for all of you who pray so that you never lose hope. Because God does answer your prayers. On October 17 we became aware that Lilly was cutting herself. On October 19 Lilly went to the school counselor and told him that she was hearing demons in her head and she couldn’t take it anymore and she was going to kill herself to make them stop. We rushed Lilly to a psychiatric hospital where we found out she had early onset schizophrenia, depression anxiety, PTSD, and auditory hallucinations. What you can’t see is that this beautiful child who was happy before March was brought to me at the age of 4 1/2 years old. Lilly was severely sexually abused by her biological father and as bad as you can imagine it was, it was. I adopted this little girl fully aware of her past. We had her in therapy over the years, she was incredible and happy until Covid hit. Upon isolation from her friends she started to downslide. When school started in September she fell fast and hard. We got her medicated, the voices stopped and seven days later she was released from the hospital better, not perfect but better. October 17th was the first day that I hit my knees in prayer and hit them hard. I always prayed and was thankful, but had not hit my knees that hard since before the kids were adopted. It is now seven weeks later and I can tell you that my knees are raw. Every day I have prayed to God to help this child and to make her better. Every day God has said to me that he will clear the obstacles but i’m going to be the one to help her walk this path. Every night I have asked him why and I have told I am not strong enough. And he told me he has spent my whole life preparing me for this. There was a reason why he gave her brother and her to me instead of that cute little family who had 5 children. Lilly recently took a major backslide and had to be hospitalized again. I circled all my friends and family and we prayed for her. I told my everyone that I was going to get my baby into a residential treatment program. The hospital told me it was doubtful that many did not take her insurance and that even if I found a program that many had waits up to six months. And Thursday of last week I started calling. I called no less than 50 programs in the state of Texas. And I prayed. And I got down on my knees at my office and I sobbed and I prayer some more. My husband told me I was in sane. At 10 AM this morning I received a phone call from one of the best treatment facilities in the state. They will have a bed for my baby on December 29th. Also the local outpatient treatment center has written a special program for her that will help her six days a week until she is able to get to that residential program on December 29. The residential program she is going to has a 90% success rate and it is Christian-based. I realize that her journey is not over and this is just a stepping stone. Don’t stop praying ever. I will keep you updated on Lilly’s story. God blessed her life so many times in the past and her story needs to be told.

Posted by Doc Loretta Higgins at 2020-12-14 19:14:40 UTC