Wanted to give everyone updates...baby Blizzard is 1 month now... and doing good and he already will have a forever home in 5 weeks! I have been praying for opening my own kitten foster program and last Saturday I went in to our local Dollar General and came out and there was a little girl sitting in back of her mom’s car with 4 little kittens I mean little eyes hadn’t been open for more than a week and they were giving them away FREE KITTENS sign.. the mom came out of store and said do you want a kitten and I said yes I will take all 4 I foster and I will take them...she gave me the crate the food and kitty litter plus toys for them. Then my neighbor came over and said do you have kittens my cat passed away a couple a weeks ago and my daughter is struggling I heard from your daughter you have kittens I said yes I do and I showed her the kittens I had that were old enough to go to forever homes and she picked one and said ok I will pick him up Monday. My grandson’s best friend is taking the brother today, his sister has autism and therapist said a kitten would be good for her! GOD IS AWESOME! Kittens are my calling .

Posted by Andrea B. at 2020-11-14 15:35:12 UTC