Today’s devotional was awesome! This is what I was talking about in my love video I did a few days ago!!! “Tough Times Reveal What Good Times Conceal Fear and uncertainty can ravage the soul. An unexpected downturn in circumstances or crisis can make you feel like life has punched you in the gut, leaving you breathless. Whenever we encounter difficulties, it tests the limits of our emotional and spiritual reserves. But that’s not altogether a bad thing. Challenging times force us to lean into spiritual resources in a fresh new way. Hope is just such a resource. Hope can inspire you to make good things happen in the midst of bad times. Hope can cause you to soar to new heights in the face of strong headwinds. Hope refreshes the soul and invigorates the spirit. Hope allows you to see God at work in the messiness of life. How we face life’s challenges will greatly shape our future and define our character. Dark days and difficulties can wreak havoc in our lives if we are not prepared to address tumultuous times appropriately. But if we embrace hope, we can rise above challenging circumstances and build a brighter tomorrow, no matter how bleak today may appear...” For more get the youversion app!!

Posted by brokenarrowhomestead141 at 2020-11-09 15:32:37 UTC