To some of you this is just an egg, for me this is a huge accomplishment. I have had a tough year with my health. My digestive system completely stopped working and a good portion of the year I was only able to do fruit smoothies and now for the last month I was juice fasting and consuming bone broth. A few days ago, I was just allowed to incorporate a egg a day into my juices and bone broth. I haven’t been able to eat a egg in 7-8 years. 3 1/2 years ago we got chickens and I raise them organically and soy free and still couldn’t eat them. This past Thursday I ate my first egg and have had one egg each day since then with no issues. They are absolutely delicious and I’m so glad my allergy is gone and that my gut is healing up. Our thanksgiving may look a lot different this year but if I can have a veggie and some Turkey it will all be ok. Praise God for the healing he provided us!

Posted by brokenarrowhomestead141 at 2020-11-01 16:54:34 UTC