Guess who is going to be a Mee Mee again!!! GRANDBABY #7 will be here May 2021 my daughter in law and my son are over the moon .. May struggles to get pregnant and it was touch and go with this one, she was told she had an Oveum pregnancy ... she kept telling them I am nauseas and can’t handle smelling coffee and I LOVE coffee I know I am pregnant ... they kept an eye on her hcg levels and they are rising .. first ultrasound shows no baby ... 3 weeks later WE HAVE A BABY!! Please keep My son and his wife in your prayers . They have only told grandparents and my 4 yr old GRANDBABY . They will tell family as the pregnancy progresses. I couldn’t stand it I had to share with someone God is soo good.#proudmeemee

Posted by Andrea B. at 2020-10-07 12:21:50 UTC