Over the last 5 years Faithbox has seen subscription boxes come and go and new Christian look-a-likes popping up all the time. There are so many new box ideas being born everyday. If you can think it up, I’m sure someone has already created it or it’s coming soon. So when it comes to Faith or shopping, why did you choose Faithbox? Did you ever think that a box would help you in your daily life? Is it helping you or someone else? What is it that makes Faithbox so special for you and why did you choose us? Were you needing more God in your life? Struggling and needing some answers outside of church? Did you grow up without the word of God in your home and now looking to start your walk of Faith? Everyone has a story and is unique and The Faithbox team would love to hear your story. Let’s start a conversation within this community of thousands. Who is going to go first?

Posted by Valerie at 2020-09-17 22:53:01 UTC