Hey y’all! I hope everyone is feeling happy, healthy and blessed! This app is a community with opportunities. Opportunities to grow, to support and encourage one another, to build friendships, to share life’s experiences with each other and to ultimately celebrate God and His Word. Recently I’ve been praying on taking a leap of faith and starting my own earring business and I strongly felt God pointing me into that direction. So I did it. I have officially started my own polymer clay earring business. And I am so thankful God has guided me to this because I am so happy being able to sit and craft beautiful pieces of art and seeing the reaction of people through the process of selecting an earring set as a custom order or picking from the already made sets it brings me such joy; especially when they are shopping for someone they love and care about. And with this month’s theme of positivity I thought it would be nice to share something that brings me great joy and brightens my day, waking up each day with a smile and in a positive mood. I enjoy making others happy even in the smallest ways like making homemade earrings! What’s something that bring you happiness/joy?? What’s something that brings positivity into your life??

Posted by mckenziehunsicker at 2020-09-06 04:23:18 UTC