The thing about God is this: He never compared what He creates. We will never be like Jesus if it’s more important for us to be like each other. I needed to read that this AM. This is from the monthly book : Live in Grace, Walk in Love. I feel that I have a few things on my heart I need to share. I (and some may relate) at times find myself in a competition with people all the time. In my brain I’m constantly on the move. At work I wanted to be better, at home I needed to clean better than my husband( which was easy 😂) and at church I had to pretend to have it together because it looked like everyone else did. This constant comparison, ended up with me being wrapped up in sin. I mean wrapped up so tight like a Christmas present you don’t want ya kids getting into. It was labeled to: Tracy, from: sin. It was shipped priority mail and my heart was effected in so many ways. I opened up selfishness, jealously and bitterness. I wanted to be the best for so long I forgot what it was like to love people and put others first. I am slowly learning to move away from that thinking and becoming a stronger woman of God. The Bible is the best medicine. The books we get are also a great tool to redirect your thinking. Hope everyone is liking the new monthly book like me! Please let me know your thoughts.

Posted by tracybodenhamer1995 at 2020-09-02 13:10:33 UTC