Hey everyone! I don’t know if I’d really say this is a prayer request but I didn’t know where else to post. So the thing is basically every since I graduated high school (2017) I’ve dealt with loosing a lot of friends, especially ones I thought would last a life time. Then I went to trade school for barbering & cosmetology & same thing happened as well after graduating (2018). I’ve really been in a funk (especially since COVID hit) with not having anyone I can truly call a friend. I’ve put it on to people where they can message me when they want to hangout because I’ve put in such an effort and get nothing in return. It’s hard not having friends for me because that’s an outlet and I’m a pretty social person. I just feel really discouraged that I won’t find new friends (and trust me I’ve tried). So idk what to do at this point.

Posted by haileyalagata at 2020-08-24 07:48:18 UTC