Happy Sunday everyone, and praise God for bringing us to this brand new day! I remember that as his mercies are new every morning, so must we be merciful to others. But this morning, I was challenged by an individual who I JUST KNEW that if I had been less patient, would have elicited a very authentic response from me that I have been working diligently to squash for a while now. Everyday gets a little bit better, but we're only human, and sometimes our humanity takes hold. In making improvements upon my old self, I am reminded of how much there is still yet to be shed. I also realize that not everyone is working with a sense stoicism that is required for sensible interactions. In this interaction, on Facebook Marketplace of all places, I was challenged to reframe my outlook, because the deflection is obvious. After her unreasonable responses, she blocked me, a fitting allegory to how we may sometimes react when having to confront our own vulnerabilities. Situations like this force me to confront myself as well. Could it have been worse? Absolutely yes (and I have receipts), but I'm thankful for the demeanor that God has created in me versus the mannerisms that the world has tried to shape me into becoming. Choosing the high road may seem unfair when you're attacked in the way that I was, and honestly, aside from the outright lies concerning myself and what the seller was intending to sell, I just didn't want to pay $25 🤣. But I digress. May you all continue to grow in patience, for yourself and for others, and may we pursue authenticity together.

Posted by marcella.tomlin at 2020-08-16 16:58:39 UTC