I am a little behind as I didn’t get last months prayer box until halfway through the month - instead of rushing thru the book I am taking my time, so unlike me!!! But I came across a sentence today written by Max Lucado, that really touched me, “we can do much after we pray, but we can do nothing until we pray.” Wow, powerful. I have been dealing with a lot this past few months, and doing ok with all the changes we have had to make, chose to make even. But one thing, my daughter and her struggle with opioid addiction, has been heavy. Of course I have prayed and she is doing ok, but deep down I know she is not ok. Still unsure how/what I can do, as she insists that she is not using, but her brother has seen evidence that she is. So I am praying, not just to myself or out loud to God, but to all of you, prayer warriors out there, help me to ask for guidance, to help me to understand what I can/cannot do for her and for God’s almighty hand in helping to heal her. Thank you all so much - it feels good to admit it out loud!!

Posted by Meli at 2020-07-08 12:13:17 UTC